OUR MISSION. . . . . .



At Victory We Value:

  • Partnership:  We Say: Together, we can make a Difference! Committed participation in a local church and its vision through prayer, regular attendance, financial support and consistent dedicated involvement is the intention of God for every Christian. Church is a team.
  • People:  We Say: You matter to us because you matter to God! Regardless of race, gender, age or background we see significance and potential in each person and strive to release it. It’s not where you’ve been that matters but where you are going!
  • Faith:  We Say: Live it up! Positive attitudes of faith and expectancy in God and His promises are to be the spirit of our life and communication.
  • Excellence:  We Say: Always our best and nothing less! Anything worth doing is worth doing our very best for our God is deserving of nothing less.
  • Generosity:  We Say: We love to give! We live to give! Generosity is a way of life, the optimal attitude for ministry and the doorway through which God’s blessings flow.
  • Growth:  We Say: There is More! We believe it is God’s desire for every believer to grow in their life and character into the image of Jesus Christ. This transpires through a personal commitment to the seven spiritual disciplines and results in the growth of the church as our lives influence our world for Christ. We never arrive but consider our time on earth as a journey not a destination.


Five Core Functions of the Local Church and the Five Primary Characteristics of a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ:


1. To Reach People is an expression of Evangelism. We believe it is one of the churches primary functions to reach people with the Good News about Jesus Christ and encourage every member to accept the personal responsibility to reach their world for Him.


2. To Grow Believers is an expression of Discipleship. Ultimately, everything we do at Victory Church is connected to discipleship; encouraging people to take one more step toward Jesus and His plan for their life. Our Starting Point series is a good place for any believer to begin this journey!


3. To Love God is and expression of Worship. Our highest calling in life is to love and develop our relationship with God. Our Weekend Worship Experience is the launching pad to encountering God and expressing our love toward Him.


4. To Love One Another is an expression of Fellowship. We are commanded to love one another as a sign of our Christian faith. Through interactive small groups (Victory Groups as we like to call them) we find the relationships, encouragement and accountability we need to  live out our life in Christ. We encourage everyone to be a part of a Victory Group.


5. To Serve Our World is an expression of Ministry. We are here to serve our world. Jesus did not come to be served but to serve. In that same spirit, we find purpose and fulfillment in life through service. Every person is gifted by God  and encouraged to use their gifts to serve others.


We invite you to join us on our journey as we change the world by helping people find and follow Jesus!