Childcare Provided for Birth through Sixth Grade
3220 11th Ave. S. Great Falls, MT 59405
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Consistently sharing the gospel


OUR MISSION. . . . . .

“Love God, Love One Another, Serve Our World!”

Our highest calling in life is to love and develop our relationship with God. Our Sunday Services are the launching pad to encountering God and expressing our love toward Him. We call this Worship.

Secondarily, we are commanded to love one another as a sign of our Christian faith. Through interactive small groups (Victory Groups as we like to call them) we find the relationships, encouragement and accountability we need to  live out our life in Christ. We encourage everyone to be a part of a Victory Group. We call this Fellowship. 

Lastly, we are here to serve our world. Jesus did not come to be served but to serve. In that same spirit, we find purpose and fulfillment in life through service. Every person is gifted by God  and encouraged to use their gifts to serve others. We call this Ministry.

We invite you to join us on our journey as we learn to Love God, Love One Another and Serve Our World!

Victory’s Values

We have established nine values that we believe represents the heart of God for every believer.

We Value:

The Local Church: The local church is God’s answer to the issues and needs of the world He created. Each local church has a vision and call on it from God that is unique and finds its fulfillment only as it is embraced, cultivated and released through its members.

Partnership: Committed participation in a local church and its vision through prayer, regular attendance, financial support and consistent dedicated involvement is the intention of God for every Christian. Church is a team.

People: Regardless of race, gender, age or background we see significance and potential in each person and strive to release it. It’s not where you’ve been that matters but where you are going!

Family: The institution of marriage and family are the cornerstone of life and civilization. High priority must be given to the strengthening of marriage and family.

Faith: Positive attitudes of faith and expectancy in the promises of God are to be the spirit of our life and communication.

Integrity: Lives that reflect the character of God is our aim. We desire that nothing in our conduct would hinder another from receiving the love of God.

Excellence: Anything worth doing is worth doing our very best for our God is deserving of nothing less.

Generosity: Generosity is a way of life, the optimal attitude for ministry and the doorway through which God’s blessings flow.

Growth: We believe in the responsibility of every believer to influence their world for Christ. This transpires through a personal commitment to spiritual growth and intentional efforts of outreach and evangelism. We see growth numerically as an indicator of our health and effectiveness as a local church. Our goal is 10% of our community.

Childcare is Always Provided for Birth through Sixth Grade

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